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Recent Customers

We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Kori from Happy Valley, OR New 2013 Honda Pilot Honda Dealer serving Happy Valley, OR
Suzanne from West Linn, OR New 2013 Honda Accord Honda Dealer serving West Linn, OR
James from Vancouver, WA New 2013 Honda Civic Honda Dealer serving Vancouver, WA
Andrea from West Linn, OR New 2013 Honda Fit Honda Dealer serving West Linn, OR
Kayla from Corvallis, OR New 2013 Honda Fit Honda Dealer serving Corvallis, OR
Todd from Oregon City, OR New 2013 Honda Accord Honda Dealer serving Oregon City, OR
Sandra from Oregon City, OR New 2013 Honda Civic Honda Dealer serving Oregon City, OR
Ulises from Woodburn, OR New 2013 Honda Pilot Honda Dealer serving Woodburn, OR
Terese from Oregon City, OR New 2013 Honda Ridgeline Honda Dealer serving Oregon City, OR
David from Portland, OR New 2013 Honda Insight Honda Dealer serving Portland, OR
Aaron from Hillsboro, OR New 2013 Honda Accord Honda Dealer serving Hillsboro, OR
Arthur from Portland, OR New 2013 Honda Accord Honda Dealer serving Portland, OR
Ronald from Oregon City, OR New 2013 Honda Fit Honda Dealer serving Oregon City, OR
Vu from Portland, OR New 2013 Honda Crosstour Honda Dealer serving Portland, OR
William from Canby, OR New 2013 Honda Civic Honda Dealer serving Canby, OR
Tiffany from Tualatin, OR New 2013 Honda Pilot Honda Dealer serving Tualatin, OR
Leanna from Lake Oswego, OR New 2013 Honda Civic Honda Dealer serving Lake Oswego, OR
Michael from Scappoose, OR New 2013 Honda Civic Honda Dealer serving Scappoose, OR
Michael from Lake Oswego, OR New 2013 Honda Odyssey Honda Dealer serving Lake Oswego, OR
Harpreet Singh from Vancouver, WA New 2013 Honda Odyssey Honda Dealer serving Vancouver, WA

Town & Country Honda Recent Customers

We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Customer Testimonials

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My car purchase experience with Doug was excellent! He was informative, professional and helpful. My overall experience at Town & Country Honda was very satisfying and I would happily recommend your dealership to others. Thank you, Cynthia C
Cynthai C 1997  Honda   Accord

My husband and I purchased a 2013 Chevy Cruze from Town and Country, with the assistance of Jeff Reese. From the very beginning, he gave us his total attention, took plenty of time, including looking at the features of the car, a test drive, explanation of purchasing process, etc. We found him both professional and congenial, and are very happy with his treatment of us, as well as with the car. If his service is typical, I expect we will be returning to Town and Country when we are looking for another car. Thank you, Elaine P
Elaine P 2013  Chevrolet   Cruze

Nick did sell me a crv and he was a great help , he answered all my questions and synced my phone and all that stuff . He was really nice . He didn't introduce me to the service staff . All in all I'm happy with your dealership and staff . I appreciate the honesty and integrity I was treated with. Mike
Mike L 2014  Honda   CR-V

Salena was very helpful, pleasant and professional, and answered all our questions and concerns. It was a pleasure doing business with her, and then with Mo. Both knew we were dealing with a death in the family, and were very respectful and sensitive to our needs. Thank you very much. Steve and Cathy H
Steve and Cathy 2014  Honda   Pilot

All your questions about Chris Nething he did an excellent job. Chris Nething explained to us all the controls of 2014 Honda CR-V. All the features of this 2014 Honda CRV and also Chris Nething introduced us the winning service team he did a very very excellent job...the way Chris Nething explained to the customer I think all of the customers will buy it because of the way he talks people will convince because he explains clearly and politely...this agent will be productive because of his customer service is very very good the way he deals to the customer. To be honest we did not expect that day we got a new car because that day our purpose is to came down there to have a service of my 2011 honda CR-V but because of Chris Nething did a very excellent job we got our new 2014 honda CR-V we are very happy with this new car with all the new technology and all the new features we enjoyed and love it. Thank you for helping us! Sincerely, Alma F
Alma F 2014  Honda   CR-V

Nick was great. I have already referred a friend to him. I am very protective of my friends. Even better, he's young so when I come back in three years, I'll be bringing at least one daughter and two granddaughters! Gloria B, a VERY SATISFIED customer.
Gloria B 2014  Honda   CR-V

Thanks for asking about the service I received from the Town & Country Staff on the recent purchase of my 2012 Toyota Corolla S. As a first time car buyer, I did my market research ahead of time and came into the dealership knowing exactly what car I wanted to look at. I called and spoke with Andrew Grimes to set up the 1st appointment to see the car. Andrew was extremely nice and helpful, and later called to see if my appointment went well and if I had any questions. Chris Jenkins (CJ) helped me on Saturday when I saw the car for the 1st time. He rode with me on my 1st test drive and was also very helpful. CJ and John Moor were more than willing to take the time to talk to me about financing since I had many questions due to the fact that I have never bought a car before. Thank you CJ and John! At the end of the 1st appointment, I had a gut feeling that T & C was the dealership for me. The next day, I tested my gut feeling by visiting 3 other dealerships in the Portland area. I looked at the exact make and model at each dealership. In all honesty, none of the other dealerships came close to the great experience I had at yours. At the end of the day on Sunday, I was exhausted. I knew where I wanted to buy my first car. I called T & C at 6 pm to see if I could come by and look at the Toyota one more time. Chris Martinez and Salena Mellick helped me on Sunday. I asked Salena a few more questions about the car and took it for one more test drive. She told me the car had been seriously looked at by another couple earlier that afternoon. I didn't want to miss out on the car that seemed meant for me. She eased my worries about making an impulsive decision and told me I could have a pre-buy inspection performed on the car. The next day it passed my mechanic's inspection with flying colors. I was so excited! Mo Dem in the financing office sat me down and did an extremely thorough job of explaining the financing forms to me. I was extremely thankful for that and felt that I learned a lot. I really give him props for having patience with me and not rushing me through the process. Also, there was a rock chip on the windshield the day I bought the car. It was addressed by the dealership. I had an appointment Friday morning to have it repaired. I got to meet the wonderful service team. I talked mainly with Brian. He was extremely nice too! Now I am driving my "like new" car and I can't stop smiling. As you can see, my experience at T & C exceeded my expectations by a lot. I want to thank Andrew, CJ, John, Chris M., Salena, Mo, and Brian for treating me so well. I will jump at the chance to recommend your dealership to friends and acquaintances who are car buying in the future. Thank you again from a very happy customer, Melinda W
Melinda W 2012  Toyota   Corolla

Esteban made our car buying experience great! Thank you! I recently bought a car from Damerow and chose not to go back because it was a terrible experience. Thank you for making this much better!
Jamie H 2013  Nissan   Frontier

Chris did a great job. I felt he was sincere/honest/patient - non of the stereotype sale persona, also you did a great job. I did not meet the service team, but that was not Chris's fault, when I stopped in I was just looking - did not set enough time to purchase a car so I was in a time crunch. Wish you nothing but continued success, and plan to come back if need another vehicle, this is my sec from T&C. Mark
Nark G 2014  Honda   Accord

Chris was great! I actually came in December 2012 to check out civics but I wasn't ready to purchase yet. We did a test drive then and he showed me options and pricing. Since we hadn't saved the money yet, we didn't buy one that day, but I came back because Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable. He worked great with us even though it was over a year after we came in. Chris didn't introduce us to the service team, but he did discuss the service team. We also inquired about the free services for 3 years and he said they were still offering it, so we'll definitely be in to check out the group on our new car. After we purchased the 2014 Civic, Chris helped us set up our phones on the bluetooth and helped us on our way. He also pointed out new features that were different from the 2013 that we had driven. When we need a new Honda, we'll definitely be back to work with Chris. Tell him thanks again for us! Ben W
Ben W 2014  Honda   Civic

Our experience with CJ was positive, and because of him, and others we interacted with, we'd be comfortable doing business there again. Thanks for the follow up! Steve and Nancy
Steve and Nancy 2012  Jeep   Grand Cherokee

CJ was friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable about the grand Cherokee and it many features. He took the time to demonstrate the many functions that set the overland apart from the lower models. CJ was attentive to us the whole time we were waiting and negotiating. He also took the time to introduce us to Jason, the finance master, who was also very obliging. Doug was extraordinarily helpful on the phone and also took the time to introduce himself in person while we were at the dealership. All in all purchasing at town and country was a great experience. CJ and the rest of the team were a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Tim and Kirsten
Tim and Kristen 2013  Jeep   Grand Cherokee

Thanks for checking. Chris Nething was the optimum sales representative. He explained everything in detail, and never appeared rushed. We were very satisfied with his level of service, and the dealership as a whole. And I LOVE my new Accord! Julie
Julie 2014  Honda   Accord

Thank you so much I love my Honda and I was more then satisfied with my experience with Jeff Reese you guys rock I give you guys a 13 out of 10!!!!
Jarrett J 2013  Honda   Civic

CJ did an excellent job. I was very happy with my experience. He could not have been nicer. I will be happy to hand out his business card to anyone wanting to buy a car. Thank you, Jenny E
Jenny E 2014  Honda   CR-V

I wanted to take a minute to respond to your questions about our experience with Gladstone Honda. Brian was very good at meeting our expectations. He tried to accommodate our requests by asking questions but not pushing anything that we didn't want. This was our first time trying to get a leased vehicle and we found it to be a much easier process than buying. Brian did a great job of explaining all the features of the vehicle. He introduced us to the service manager, who explained some service options to us. Overall, from the contact with Brian and through the financial process, we were very happy with our experience. Thanks. Tom D
Tom D 2013  Honda   Fit

WOW is the perfect word to use for my entire experience at TC Honda. Kaveh was the best and everyone else that we dealt with were a pleasure. Denny
Denny 2014  Honda   CR-V

My wife & I had been to a handful of dealerships before coming to Town & Country Honda and we were astonished at the differences! We were treated like welcome guests as opposed to a customer. My daughter was brought fresh baked cookies & juice, and Chris was more than happy to let us stay in the play room with her while he got everything prepared for us. Chris was nothing but honest & helpful during our purchase. He gave us the facts, not gimmicks or sales tactics. We are so pleased with our experience with Chris & the dealership as a whole. We will definitely be returning in the future to purchase again. Please pass our thanks along to the wonderful people at T&C Honda. We truly did drive home happy! - Mitchell D
Mitchell D 2013  Honda   Civic

Everything was fantastic and Sandy was very helpful and knowledgable. She was patient with us since we had our 3 year old along. I'm IN LOVE with my new car and if I purchase a Honda again in the future you will have my business. I also plan to come to the dealership for regular maintenance thanks to Sandy's recommendations. If I know of anyone looking to buy a Honda I will send them to you! Thanks again!
Kitra B 2013  Honda   CR-V

Ultimately, Sandy did a great job. She sold me a car when I came in with no intentions of buying a Honda. I first came to your dealership to sell my car with an instant trade in offer from autotrader.com. I was not initially looking at a new Honda however Sandy reached out to me after I filled out the autotrader.com form for my trade-in offering to purchase my vehicle. I had been looking at a new Mercedes, but have always loved Honda's. I was driving an Element and loved it, and had first thought Honda didn't currently make anything that I liked. I came out to your dealership to meet with Sandy so that she could look at my trade-in. Before she took a look at my car we took a minute and talked about what I was looking at, 2013 MB GLK350. There was ZERO pressure with Sandy's approach. It was more like I was talking to a friend about what I was thinking about. We talked about a few possible MB used cars on your lot and also what Honda has to offer. When Sandy was looking at my used car, I looked at a Pilot in the showroom. When I expressed interest in the Pilot, Sandy offered to take one out for a test drive. I was short on time, so I made arrangement to come back and take a test drive the next day. When I came back for the test drive, Sandy again was zero pressure, zero BS, and 100% attentive - I appreciated this! Sandy quickly gained my trust and respect and I knew that I wanted to do business with her. She let me take the time I needed to decide if this was the right car for me. The next morning I came back with my partner to complete the transaction. The actual process of coming to terms for the purchase and signing with financing took less time than the test drive and deciding what color and options were important to us. Both my partner and I appreciated the respect for our time and appreciated the level of detail provided throughout the purchase. The idea of "Customer Service" is something that is a lost art in today's instant gratification world that we live in. It was nice to feel appreciated and actually experience a level of Customer Service with Sandy that makes me want to recommend her to my friends and family! Sandy should be recognized for a job well done and considered as a role model in your organization! Thanks for the great experience! Jeff & Mitchell
Jeff H 2013  Honda   Pilot

As a whole, very satisfied and happy, and Sandy was perfect for me. Nothing but satisfied :) Drew
Drew M 2010  VW   GTI

Yes, we were extremely pleased with the service that Sandy gave us. She was knowledgeable and wasted no time in finding us the car we were looking for. I particularly appreciated her perspective as a woman, because she really anticipated the sort of questions I would have, and answered them before I even had to ask! We were well informed of the differences and improvements from our old Honda Accord to our new Civic. We appreciated the fact that there was no time wasted in haggling and enjoyed the friendliness of everyone who helped us, especially Sandy. We are really enjoying the driving experience of our new Honda Civic. We will happily recommend T & C Honda to our friends! Thanks for creating a very pleasant environment in which to make such a big investment. Sincerely, Nancy B
Nancy B 2013  Honda   Civic

Matt was great! No wonder my mom referred me to him, I have never dealt with a salesman like him when buying a car he was very helpful, genuine and found me exactly what I wanted, he made this the easiest car buying process ever. I would recommend him to anyone and I will. Thanks, Desiree
Desiree H 2013  Honda   Accord

I appreciate the follow-up, Paul was very patient with us and spent a great deal of time showing us a variety of cars new & used while we tried to make our decision. There was no pressure and I feel he did a good job explaining features and benefits of owning a new Honda Civic. I was very pleased with the way my son and I were treated, and though buying cars is something we rarely do, I will certainly consider Town & Country when we make another purchase. Thank you. Paul R
Paul R 2013  Honda   Civic

Thank you so very much for working with me on my new purchase. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the car and am really enjoying it. Thanks again for great customer service and a smooth buying experience. Plus I felt like you truly went the extra mile for me..Literally! God Bless! Lorie W
Lorie W 2010  VW   CC

Matt Garner did a great job of going through everything with me. The whole process was very good! It was nice to not have to go through the whole old process of buying the car (back and forth on pricing, what can you afford on payments, etc). Your entire staff was great! I will be using your service department on all of my service needs. Thanks! Tom
Tom B 2013  Honda   CR-V

George did a wonderful job assisting me with all of my questions. Great sales guy to work with and will definitely recommend him and this dealership to friends and family! Very satisfied customer.
Vasilisa 2008  Ford   Edge

Thank you for your e-mail. Every thing was great,Sandy Bernard is the best. The total experience was terrific, we are very satisfied with the car. Cynthia D
Cynthia D 2013  Honda   Civic

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent Very nice people easy to work with. Very reasonable, will definitely return if I buy another car.
Lindsey M 2013  Honda   Civic

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent Sandy at T & C Honda was downright amazing. We clicked right off the bat, had a fabulous test drive and review when we got back. I went in under special circumstances and came out with what i needed and wanted in a VERY quick amount of time. Brian in finance was super fast and helpful and explained anything i didn't know. Overall the shop was inviting and everyone was friendly and happy to help. I am very pleased with my car buying experience and have already referred someone to them.
Tracy B 2008  Honda   Civic

You all succeeded in exceeding my expectations about walking into a car dealer as a single woman and being treated with respect and as an equal consumer. Everyone was very professional and efficient in moving the process along ! I left with a smile , as your mission promised!
Willow E 2013  Honda   Civic

CJ did a fantastic job with everything. Thanks for checking. I would definitely recommend your dealership. Everyone was very helpful.
Maria K 2013  Honda   CR-V

We had a good time buying the car, which is crazy considering how much I hate to spend money! Chris was charming, professional, helpful...I think he touched on everything. So far, we are completely satisfied with your dealership. Randy and Janet H
Randy H 2013  Honda   CR-V

"CJ" and Matt Garner were very helpful throughout the process. I spent quite a bit of time online with Matt and arrived at what I felt was a very reasonable purchase price on my Honda Accord. My wife and I had purchased a new 2013 Honda CRV in Albany, Oregon in October, so I felt very comfortable with the controls and features of the Accord. If there was short amount of time that CJ spent with me, it was at my request due to my familiarity with the Accord's features. Again, thank you to you and your sales team for a pleasant car buying experience. Yes, my expectations were exceeded.
Scott G 2013  Honda   Accord

Thanks for your email. I have to tell you that this was one of the best car-buying experiences of my life. It was easy, no pressure, and Matt was well informed and generally great to work with. I love the Pilot and I plan to have it serviced at Town & Country. Thanks for your follow-up. Gary
Gary H 2013  Honda   Pilot

“CJ did a super job, I hate buying cars (don't take any offense please! :) and I am always excited when I can find someone who I like to work with that makes this experience go smooth. My wife's Acura TSX lease is up next December, though it's a year out, we're already discussing coming back over and checking out the new Accord. So job well done by CJ!”
David B 2010  Ford   F150

Doug was 5* (five star). He was easy to work with. We loved the no pressure approach. You guys run a first class or five star outfit. Thanks, Fred M
Fred M 2013  Honda   CRV

Kaveh was excellent! I have to admit I dreaded looking for a new car based on past experiences I've had. The kind where you're there for hours and it's like a mind game. "What do I need to do to get you to buy a car", is a standard line that I fully expected to hear when I walked on the lot. Kaveh was a refreshing surprise. Really no pressure, but available to answer questions. When my husband and I went out that day, we did not intend to buy a car. So no one was more surprised than we were to be driving home our 2010 Honda Accord. The process was virtually painless. Kaveh was very approachable, and treated us with respect, no game playing. Something we greatly appreciated. One thing Kaveh said to us is that TC Honda wants people to drive home happy. I can sincerely say that we did in fact - Drive Home Happy! Also there was a small scratch on the car that Kaveh said he thought could be buffed out. As we were buying the car on a Sunday, the body shop wasn't opened. But we had to come back on Monday to bring the car title. When my husband arrived, there wasn't anyone available in the body shop area to help out. But Kaveh and another gentleman (sorry don't have his name) arranged for another location to take care of it. The car was taken there and brought back while my husband waited and the scratch was gone. Very much appreaciate that level of service. I will definitely recommend TC Honda to friends and co-workers. Thank you, Sue D
Sue D 2010  Honda   Accord

Doug was excellent in all respects. I appreciated all that he did. On one of my visits I was also assisted by Chris since Doug was off. He helped me a lot also. I want to thank Doug and Chris for all the time that was spent with me without putting on the pressure to buy. I don’t think you could imagine how much of a pleasure this made it purchasing the CR-V. I did shop around and the difference between your dealership and Toyota across the street is night and day. I will never go there again. I also want to thank Kelly who I dealt with also. I will recommend your dealership to anyone I speak with about purchasing a vehicle. Thanks again. Dave
David B 2013  Honda   CR-V

Did Doug Rokosz give you all the information you needed to understand all the controls in your 2012 Honda Civic? Doug was extremely helpful, and he told me the information about everything that I was wondering about. He even made a point to check something out for me while I was in financing and answer my question before I left. Did you feel the time spent with you was sufficient during the delivery of your 2012 Honda Civic? Absolutely! I arrived a little later in the evening, and even though the dealership closed at 9, I did not feel like we were rushed out by anyone in the process. We left just before 10pm. Did Doug Rokosz review all the features on your 2012 Honda Civic that are important to you? He did! I felt that Doug told me everything about the things I cared about, and he was able to point out some things that I did not know were important to me beforehand! Was there anything you felt Doug Rokosz left out that would have helped you better understand your 2012 Honda Civic? Not that I can think of! Did Doug Rokosz introduce you to our award winning service team? Doug introduced me to a couple people, but it was late. I don't know if the whole team was available to meet! Thanks again! Erin W
Erin W 2012  Honda   Civic

Honestly Mr. Vawter, I went to 2 different dealerships and came back to Honda because Chris (Nething) was amazing! I felt comfortable at Honda and there was no pressure to buy the car. When my mom's car dies she wants to go to Chris too. You surely did exceed! Thank you so much for my car!
Alice D 2012  Honda   Accord

We had a great experience at Honda and with Doug Rokosz. We were test driving a used vehicle at a nearby lot and stopped by on a whim to see what you had in used vehicles. Doug simply mentioned current pricing and promotions on new 2012 vehicles after we test drove a couple of used cars on your lot and that made us wonder if a new vehicle was a better idea. Doug spoke authoritatively about your products and showed us a variety of vehicles. He wasn't pushy. It was a good car buying experience. Thanks! Teresa S
Teresa S 2012  Honda   Accord

George did a great job, he was down to earth and easy going. I appreciated doing business with him and T&C Honda... Ian S
Ian S 2010  Ford   Taurus

Kaveh did a wonderful job of explaining everything and spent more than enough time with me. He explained every feature on the car, and never once did I feel pressured to buy. It was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. The financing part usually takes forever and I was out of there in less than an hour amazing. And again there was no pressure to buy any of the extras. I will definitely be back and tell everyone about the outstanding car buying experience I had. Thank you to and your team, Kevin P
Kevin P 2012  Honda   Accord

I think we just spoke on the phone. Yes, Chris was excellent to work with and took the time to show me all my options. I would recommend him and your dealership to other people, and already have. Best, Avantika
Avantika B 2013  Honda   Fit

George was friendly and helpful. He took a lot of time with us to answer all of our questions. When the car was ready, he sat in it with us and told us about all of the features. We were very satisfied customers. Linda N
Linda N 2012  Honda   CR-V

Hi Jeff.. Chris was very knowledgable on Jeeps. As a Jeep owner he was very familiar with the Jeep I purchased..and I was introduced to the team .Chris didn’t leave out any thing and was very courteous. I really appreciated his work to get me the price I needed to purchase the Jeep Thanks I will be referring Town and Country Honda to my friends which I already have .. James
James L 2000  Jeep   Wrangler

Did Geoffrey Whitworth give you all the information you needed to understand all the controls in your 2012 Honda Odyssey? - Yes, Geoffrey spent a comfortable amount of time with my wife and I going over all the features of our new car. He helped us pair our phones with the car's bluetooth system and offered us many tips he regularly uses with his own Odyssey. Did you feel the time spent with you was sufficient during the delivery of your 2012 Honda Odyssey? - Yes, the time we were at your dealership was short but well spent. We appreciated the effective communication and the fact we were offered a good deal fairly quickly and with an acceptable amount of effort from all parties involved. We were expecting the negociation process to be more complicated, lenghty, and full of gimicks but it was refreshingly simple and clean. Did Geoffrey Whitworth review all the features on your 2012 Honda Odyssey that are important to you? -Yes, Geoffrey asked about our needs and our family so that he was able to tailor his review to us and point out features that would be specially usefull with our new baby. Was there anything you felt Geoffrey Whitworth left out that would have helped you better understand your 2012 Honda Odyssey? No, we felt we got a good overview of our new car and its features. Did Geoffrey Whitworth introduce you to our award winning service team? We did not get introduced to your service team. However, my wife dropped the car off this morning in your service department for the pant/interior treatment and her comments were that your service area looks great, the process was simple, and she was even offered a ride. She was very happy with the experience. Thanks, Daniel P
Daniel P 2012  Honda   Odyssey

To answer your questions, yes, Geoff did a great job of explaining everything to me and made the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. He reviewed all of the important aspects of the car with me in order to ensure I knew what I was buying, and helped me to feel comfortable with the purchase. The whole experience was great and I will be recommending other people go to Town and Country Honda for their car purchases. Thanks, Elli R
Elli R 2008  Mercury   Mariner

Kaveh did everything you mentioned and more! He is the best salesperson I have ever worked with. This is our 4th car with him in the last 6 years or so. I will only deal with Kaveh as he is truly excellent! I hope he stays with your dealership for many years. Kaveh and Honda have our (speaking for my wife as well) loyalty. Sincerely, Hugo G
Hugo G 2012  Honda   Odyssey

Gilbert was very helpful throughout the buying process and has been great following up afterwards. We had visited a different dealership before we made it to T&C Honda and that salesman didn't remember our names at the end of the test drive! I previously drove a 2002 Civic and things just felt right once I got behind the wheel of that 2012! Did Gilbert Vizcarra give you all the information you needed to understand all the controls in your 2012 Honda Civic? Yes. He preset all my preferences, synced my phone, and explained everything to me before I got on the road. Did you feel the time spent with you was sufficient during the delivery of your 2012 Honda Civic? I'm quite indecisive, and Gilbert spent a lot of time with me making sure I was comfortable before we finalized anything. Did Gilbert Vizcarra review all the features on your 2012 Honda Civic that are important to you? Yes, everything was thoroughly explained. He reviewed the manual and website that I am able to use, should I need any further information about the car. He has followed up to let me know I can call or text him with any additional questions. Was there anything you felt Gilbert Vizcarra left out that would have helped you better understand your 2012 Honda Civic? No, he did a great job! Did Gilbert Vizcarra introduce you to our award winning service team? Yes. Thanks so much, Emily
Emily 2012  Honda   Civic

Our company, Heraeus Shin-Etsu America (HSA) would like to compliment you on the professionalism, knowledge and the overall great job Chris Jenkins did to make our new Japanese controller's first car buying experience in the US so positive and enjoyable. We appreciate what Mr. Jenkins did to go above and beyond, to make us, the customer happy.
Sigita Y 2012  Honda   CR-V

I had a very positive experience with Geoffrey. All of the questions in your e-mail would be answered with a positive note. He took his time, was very patient and answered all my questions. I am extremely happy with the car and the service i received. I look forward to continuing business with you John C
John C 2012  Honda   Accord

We just got back from getting the little flaws fixed. You guys are truly a good company filled with good employees. Tthe head of used cars' service was very, very good at satisifying us today. Thanks for the plug back. T thanks to you all. We will be buying a car for our daughter here soon at your establishment! Shari E
Shari E 1999  Honda   Accord

Kaveh was absolutely wonderful to work with. We came in with a web special auto in mind and he quickly directed to us to the car. After a test drive we worked with Kaveh and quickly came to an agreement on price/trade-in value.He was professional and respectful of our time. He introduced us to Aaon in the finance department who was also pleasant to work with. But, where Kaveh really went above and beyond for us was when we called him six days later and told him we were not happy with our choice and wanted to see if he could work with us to find a different vehicle. He was gracious, helpful, honest and fair which really impressed us. He will be a salesman we refer our friends and family to with no reservations. He was helpful in getting us acquainted with the features of our car, discussed T & C service department and we left feeling good about T&C , Kaveh and ourentire buying process. Sincerely, Nancy O
Nancy O 2010  Lincoln   MKX

Wow. I don't even know how to express just how wonderful my car buying experience was with Brian and with T&C Honda. Brian was so helpful and made the experience very enjoyable! At the delivery of my vehicle, he was able to show me the controls of the car in a very enthusiastic way. I have appreciated the time he has spent with me outside of the original sale, and delivery of the vehicle. He was a no pressure salesman, which eased any anxieties I had about buying my car. He was a wealth of information, which was fabulous. Brian has been an absolutely wonderful person to work with. I know that if I have any problems with my purchase, he will be there to help me out (which has already been proven!). I would also like to acknowledge the other members of the service team that helped me with my purchase: Ryan and Danny. They were patient with me, and answered any and all questions myself and my family had. They were very friendly and helpful. All of the people at Honda are so great to work with, and I am excited for my next trip in!
Toni W 2012  Honda   Fit

Dear Brian, I would like to thank you for the great experience at T&C Honda thanks to you. I drove in yesterday morning just to look around, I had been to VW, BMW, Mercedes, AUDI/Porsche & still had plans to go to Kia & some private party offers as well.You answered all my questions, was eager to show me all aspects of the vehicle even though I was reluctant and walked me through the process like a true (and very talented) salesman. Having had broken down the prices as you did and had me sign that if it can be done I buy, is how you managed to close the deal, everyone else, gave me numbers or promised to email me the numbers, which in both cases I drive off their lot without buying or leasing. Being in sales (of Homes) I admire a good salesman without the “greasy salesman attitude”. It is truly skill and I hope you reach a higher level of bonus, because you truly do deserve it. I will definitely recommend you to my clients and family/friends for future business,
Aliz S. 2012  Honda   Accord

Andrew did everything possible to help us with our car buying experience and we were very satisfied with his work. Thanks, Richard W
Richard W 2012  Honda   CRV

Gilbert did a fantastic job. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Would recommend him to others. I am enjoying my new car. Thanks!! Kathy

Hi Andrew, Sorry I have not called you back yet. We really enjoy the new Honda even if we did not test drive it. I have only owned Honda's and you really cannot go wrong. We donated my Honda Accord a couple of months ago to the Elephant Sanctuary. It had 257,000 miles on and was still fine. I think with my accident, the dog being sick, we just wanted to purchase a car and be done with it. Both Parry and I really really like the color. Thank you again for being so nice and easy to deal with. Gary was great also, as was your landlord. If I get a survey of course I will fill it out with five stars. I'm very glad now that Ron (jerkface) Tonkin was so rude to me. Otherwise we would not have found Town & Country Honda. Take care, Diane
Diane 2012  Honda   Accord

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond I'm very bad at checking my messages. Kaveh was amazing when helping me pick out my car and I was very pleased with the service I received at town and country Honda. I filled out your questions below. Sorry again for taking so long! Celeste P
Celeste P 2012  Honda   Civic

We are truly happy with our purchase and pleased with our experience at Town & Country. We definitely looking forward to our next car purchase at your dealership. Thank you (Andrew) for all of your patience and for the extra attention you gave to Nick, it really made him feel like a special part of our car buying experience! See you on our oil change.
Chris R 2012  Honda   CRV

Hi Jeff, Sorry I took so long to respond to your email. Like everyone else, I have a busy schedule in my life. I do wish to assure you that Chris Jenkins met and exceeded my expectations before, during and after my recent purchase of my Honda Civic HF. Since I life in eastern Washington, it was imperative that I could count on all the pricing, trade-in and financing be agreed upon before I drove to your dealership to buy a car. This was all worked out by email and phone with Chris, so I made the trip and happily purchased the car. I thank you for your dealerships professionalism and for their understanding of my needs. I look forward to working with you again in the future, when I wear this car out! Sincerely, Joseph P
Joseph P 2012  Honda   Civic

I just wanted to share that I have been to dealerships maybe only a total of five times, but each time it was an awful experience. So pushy! Sunday, when my husband and I purchased our cars from your team, Gilbert was awesome! He was thorough but not pushy! Knowledgeable and patient! As far as car dealership experiences goes, Town and Country Honda has been my favorite! And, I will spread the word. Thank you! ~Adrienne P
Adrienne P 2012  Honda   Civic

My name is Amber Apple Thank you so much for the E-mail just wanted to tell you my mother helped me get this car and I'am so happy with it also that Jeff Schaefer was a Great person to work with and indeed he showed us everything that we needed to know about our new Honda also because of him and how pleased we are with your cars my mother is considering buying her next car with you! So all I can say is keep up the good work and thank you again.
Amber A. 2012  Honda   civic

I am very pleased with Andrew for the overall car buying experience. He is outstanding in all the respect as far as I concerned. I can't say enough good things about him. Overall, one of the best dealership in my book. Best Regards, Jun
Jun Z 2012  Honda   Accord

Your employee Chris Jenkins, an Internet Sales Mgr. has made such a great impression on my husband and myself. Even though we were not able to come to final terms on a vehicles, it was not because he did not try. Mr. Jenkins was so responsive and friendly and with no pressure while clearly keeping his eye on the ball and creating a balance for both the customer prospect and his dealership. I have worked in training and marketing/branding for twenty years and he's the sort of person you look forward to having in a company--because he is the valuable first handshake with perhaps a first-time visitor to your company. So for what it might be worth, I have a great impression of your dealership because of Chris Jenkins. I tried your online "live" help and it just wasn't a good experience. Chris bridged the gap between being there live and virtual conversations--which again, even though we couldn't come to terms, was still considered effective communication from my perspective. Thank you again for running a company that care about who they hire. It makes life better for everyone. Laura W
Laura W   Honda  

Found a couple of 2001 CRVs online and emailed to ask the price of one which put us in touch with Gary. We went expecting not to buy but made us feel so comfortable and we felt he was as honest a salesman as we've ever had. We ended up buying a great CRV thru him. We would deal with Gary anytime. Dan C. Customer Service Rating on DealerRater.com 5.0

This salesman was great and attentive to my budget.
Tony C