Can I Get a Repair?

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Honda Ridgeline Lakeside
You see it every day; you know it’s quirks, its strengths and its weaknesses. It’s kind of your best friend. Your car is talking to you, know its calls and be ready to take care of any maintenance required that will prevent a disaster – like brake failure going downhill.

Your Car is Talking to You

What are you doing?
Driving lol
Can’t you hear me? I’m hurting over here.
Yeah, but you’re not as young as you once were. I just figured its old age.
Actually, my engine rods are knocking together. You forgot oil again. Eventually you’re going to force me to underperform… I am not feeling very appreciated.

Damages to your engine rods is expensive, and eventually – after continued negligence will eventually lead to the death of your engine. Oil changes are essential to your car’s performance and life span.

My pads are thinning, maybe I should go in for a check in?
… You can’t ignore me anymore. I’M LEAKING!

Any pulling, grinding, or vibrating from your vehicle isn’t good. You may have warped rotors, or a leak that can be fixed with an easy brake adjustment. Don’t let it go too far, brakes are something that, if taken care of properly, will save you money in the long run.

Something doesn’t feel right in my belt, I’m losing control of engine valves.
Hey, my teeth are starting to wear.
Seriously, dude, this is becoming a problem. The motor is ticking.
Dude! Why won’t you start?!
I told you I needed maintenance.

If your timing belt gets so worn down, eventually your engine won’t turn over. Even this could be a sign of further damage. A broken belt could cause damage to the engine’s internal compartments.

Just Get a Check Up

Town and Country Honda performs repairs, replacements and other services for all needs of your car. Check in with us about our specials.

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