Honda Has Big Plans for Keeping the Earth Green

October 21st, 2016 by


As we all know, the Earth is home to all kinds of things, from people to plants. That’s why it’s so important that as humans, we do everything that we can to reduce our carbon footprint and keep the Earth as green as possible. Honda is taking a step forward to make this possible with greener and more efficient vehicle technologies.

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Honda’s Earth Dreams

In an effort to keep Portland and the rest of the Earth as green as 185hp-enginepossible, the company has put into action a new Earth Dreams initiative which aims to create new technology that works to combine environmental awareness with the fun of driving. To do this they’ve begun to perfect Hybrid and EV technology that reduces emissions to keep the air clean while still delivering the sporty performance people love. For example, one of their sport hybrid engines is able to work more efficiently to deliver up to 30 percent more fuel efficiency while still giving drivers three different drive modes and free torque control distribution.

This initiative also focuses on making more efficient gas and diesel engines by working to make them more environmentally friendly without compromising their sporty and smooth handling. With the introduction of their newly designed CVTs they’re able to achieve this goal while managing to increase handling and provide a ride that is even more fun to drive.

So far, with the integration of various all electric and hybrid electric vehicles into their lineups, the process is really taking off. There are also a handful of newly designed gas and diesel engines that are in the process of making their way into some of our favorite vehicles. While we wait to see what the Earth Dreams initiative rolls out next, we hope to see other vehicle manufacturers follow suit and do their part in making sure that the Earth is still inhabitable and thriving years from now.

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