Alternator Service

Alternator Repair

alternator repair and clutch services from Town and Country Honda in Gladstone ORFor trusted alternator repair and replacement, Town & Country Honda is available to serve those in the greater Portland, OR area. Our certified mechanics know how to quickly diagnose and repair alternator issues fast. We always offer all of our alternator repair and replacement services at an affordable rate while always providing unbeatable customer service.

Warning Signs Your Alternator is Failing

There are warning signs when your alternator begins to fail and they include:

  • Burning rubber- Often times when an alternator begins to defect it begins to smell like burned rubber
  • Irregular headlights- Your headlights stop working or dim unexpectedly
  • Abnormal noises- Typically when an alternator begins to fail it will emit a whining noise
  • Battery Issues- The battery consistently dies or just stops working. The battery can keep the vehicle running temporarily, however it will not be able to keep it running for long if the issue is the alternator
  • Inconsistent Electrical Power- Powered windows, powered seats, engine fans, windshield wipers start working erratically or stop working altogether

If you notice any of the warning signs above or if you are concerned about your alternator bring your vehicle into Town & Country Honda today for a thorough and honest inspection.

More Information

For competent and friendly alternator repair and replacement service in Portland, OR and surrounding areas contact T&C Honda today. When you suspect alternator issues, bring your Honda by so we can help get you back on the road again!