Carburetor Repair

Carburetor Repair and Replacement

carburetor repair from Town and Country Honda in Gladstone ORThe carburetor is a component in your vehicle that delivers air and fuel to your engine to make it run. Many new cars have replaced carburetors with an electronic fuel-injection system, but if you have an older model, it’s likely your car has a classic carburetor system. It’s important to have your carburetor serviced regularly and repaired or replaced when needed. Here in Portland, T&C Honda mechanics are experts when it comes to carburetor service and carburetor repair and rebuilds.

Carburetor Cleaning Services

It is important to bring your vehicle in to have your carburetor serviced when you notice issues with its performance. The carburetor is responsible for mixing the proper amount of air and fuel.  If it is not working properly you might be getting poor gas millage. Other carburetor issues are stalling, rough idling, fast idling, difficulty starting the vehicle, or acceleration issues.

Carburetor repair or replacement will need to be performed if your carburetor has broken casting, damaged or missing parts or worn throttle shafts. Depending on the issue you may need to have your carburetor serviced, repaired, or replaced. After a thorough inspection the mechanics at T&C Honda can help you decide which is the best option for you and your vehicle.