CV Joints and Boots

CV Joint and Boot Replacement

CV joint repair and CV Joint replacement from Town and Country Honda in Gladstone ORFront wheel and all-wheel drive cars have axles which connect the transmission to the wheels. An essential part of this system are the constant velocity joints. When your CV joints and CV boots break down, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. When it comes to CV joint replacement and CV Boot replacement, Town & Country Honda are leading experts.

CV Axle Replacement and Repair

Constant Velocity Joints (CV Joints) and axles are vital components of your vehicle’s daily operation. The CV Joint is a part of the drive shaft that attaches to your transmission.

CV joints and axles are important for your vehicle because the two components work together to foster steering stability and to sustain the performance of your vehicle’s suspension. Having a properly functioning suspension as well as reliable steering stability are critical while accelerating, turning, and just simply driving down the road.

Around these joints you will find a CV boot that protects them. The CV boot is greased to protect the CV joint while it moves. You will likely need to replace your CV boot before the CV joint because the rubber and plastic tends to degrade over time. If your boot is damaged, it cannot protect your CV joint as it was designed. By not maintaining your CV boot you could end up with more damage and costs.
If you feel you might need your CV joints or CV boots replaced give us a call at T&C Honda to schedule an inspection.

When Do I Need to Replace My CV Joints?

Your vehicle will need its CV joints replaced over time. If you notice your car vibrating as you accelerate or strange noises when you drive, you might need your CV joint replaced, and here at T&C Honda we have expert mechanics who can inspect your CV joints and boots, make any needed repairs, and get you safely back on the road.