Filter Replacements

Engine Air Filters

filter replacement from Town and Country Honda in Gladstone ORPeople often wonder how often they should change their air filters. If you often drive on a lot of dirt and gravel you may have to change your air filter more often than the average city driver. The important thing is to have it changed before the dirt restricts air flow. Keeping up on your air filter replacement will prevent dirt and debris from getting to your engine, improve gas mileage and maintain optimal performance, therefore saving you money in the long run.

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin filter replacements keep the inside of your ride as clean as possible. Removing contaminates like pollen, bacteria, gas exhaust and dust from the air, your cabin filter works hard at keeping your Honda’s interior air clean. If the filter gets too clogged with dirt and debris without being replaced it will affect the purity of the air in your vehicle’s cabin. When high allergen seasons near, it’s a good idea to have your cabin filter checked and replaced.

Fuel Filters

A fuel filter that is very dirty and overdue for a replacement can affect your engine’s performance. It can cause the engine to misfire or even stop all together. T&C Honda recommends having the fuel filter changed yearly on most cars.