Tips for Leasing

October 3rd, 2016 by

We want you to come into the shop feeling completely comfortable. Whether you choose to come in to the store, or do your research from home, Town and Country Honda wants to support you from vehicle purchase to the day you get a new vehicle, and all the days in between.

Drive Home Happy

So you’ve decided to lease your car (or you’re on the fence about it) now what? Make sure you are fully understanding the agreement; we wouldn’t want you to get tied up in something that you didn’t want. We cross-referenced our information and to create an inclusive list. So keep these questions in mind, and maybe you’ll come up with some of your own:

    Car Leasing

  1. Are there any leasing specials going on?This a good place to start, everyone likes to save a little money. Regularly check our specials and incentive page, you’re likely to find something you’re interested in
  2. What are the up-front costs?Town and Country various types of leases available (Defined Monthly Payment, 1st and Fees, Total out of Pocket, Sign & Drive, One Pay). Make sure that you are clear about what sort of costs are included when you sign: Lease acquisition fees? Security Deposit? Plate fee?
  3. What are the details of the lease? Be sure you know how many miles you are signing up for, how long the lease if for and what the residual value of the car is. Knowing what you’re going to be paying for and what the actual value of the car is.
  4. Should I Lease?

    People lease for various reasons: tester cars, in-between cars, can’t afford to buy yet. But perhaps that isn’t the best method for you. We will tailor your car dealership experience, like we said before, we wouldn’t want you strapped into something you didn’t want.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lease, Drive Home Happy

Come in to Town and Country Honda, we’d love to help you get your leasing squared away. We’ll help you decide what payment plans are realistic for you. This stuff can get confusing, and that the last thing we want. Stay informed about leasing agreements and your car’s value… We’ll be here when you’re ready to ask any questions.

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